Heart Failure Complexities . . . A ‘black box’ of treatment measures

Around the globe, in developed countries, 1-2% of the adult population have heart failure, rising to over ten percent in those aged over 70 years. Heart failure occurs not just with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction, but also with preserved ejection fraction.– with figures steadily climbing year-on-year. However, despite the prevalence of modern-day interventions – […]

Cardiovascular Movements and Measures . . . Looking back, moving forward

Therapy treatments for cardiovascular conditions have varied in significance over the past 100 years. Post mid-1950s, experimentation in the field has seen both age-old and progressive therapy treatments come to the fore. Here Dr Tim Glenie reveals trials and tribulations behind two cardiovascular treatments that have created decades of waves across the medical world. Harking […]

Treating Hypertension Beyond Genomics . . . Personalised care and technology in focus

Treating the world’s largest ‘silent killer’ extends well beyond drug intervention, guidelines and textbook literature. Here Ascot Cardiology Group Cardiologist Dr Patrick Gladding provides insight into technological advances in blood pressure monitoring and ECG sensitivities, and the key role personalisation plays in effectively treating patients with hypertension. “Personalised medicine is more than genomics, it’s also wireless […]

Cardiovascular Therapies 50’s Forwards . . . Where we’ve come from

To many, anything that pre-dated 1990 may seem ancient – bygone eras of rock’n’roll, big hair and cheese fondue – however the past 40-years has hailed huge steps forward in cardiovascular technologies. As Dr Tim Glenie explains, breakthrough technologies in yester-years has carved a path for future advances in treatments and measures. Cardiac catheterisation has […]

Hypertension Guidelines . . . Analysis, applications and what to make of it all?

Hypertension is the world’s most common modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease and death. Globally, it is estimated that more than one billion adults have hypertension, and this number could reach one-and-half billion by 2025. Given that hypertension has no symptoms but accounts for over nine million deaths annually, it is known as the “silent […]

Presentations from Symposium 2017

The videos of the talks from this year’s Ascot Cardiology Symposium have now been uploaded to the event website.     This year’s Symposium was chaired by Interventional Cardiologist Dr Tim Glenie and featured presentations of case histories in smaller groups. This enabled GPs to compare and contrast management of their cardiac patients with the practices of […]

Ascot Cardiology Group welcomes Dr Patrick Gladding

We are delighted to welcome General Cardiologist Dr Patrick Gladding to the Ascot Cardiology Group. Patrick is dual trained in both Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He completed his Cardiology training at the Greenlane Cardiovascular Service, Auckland, and has been a practising cardiologist since 2007. Over the last two years, Dr Gladding has been working at the […]

Ascot Cardiology Group welcomes Dr Tim Glenie

We are delighted to welcome Interventional Cardiologist Dr Tim Glenie to the Ascot Cardiology Group. Dr Glenie completed his medical degree at Auckland, gaining his FRACP in Internal Medicine in 2008 before starting Cardiology training at Greenlane Hospital and completing it in Adelaide. Originally from Auckland, Tim has recently shifted from Consultant Interventional Cardiologist in […]